The Sacon Group optimisation practice will assist to ensure you derive the full value from your IT assets. We use proven tools and methodologies to analyse, assess and execute the best forms of IT optimisation for your business. Whether it is to reduce cost, enhance performance or both, our optimisation practice has the solution.

IT Optimisation

We have significant experience in evaluating and improving operational efficiency and performance of IT systems. Through proven processes and procedures we are able to assist you to realise the most proficient and effective way to operate your IT assets. At Sacon Group, we offer the following services to ensure you are maximising the return on your IT investment:

  • Resource Maximisation Assessments and Planning
  • Capacity Utilisation and Performance Reviews – Server, Storage and Network
  • Resource ‘Right-Sizing’
  • Benefits Realisation, Identification and Reporting


Commercial Optimisation

We understand that your IT investment is significant and that commercial arrangements with suppliers are often complex. At Sacon Group, we assist to identify and act on opportunities to ensure you maximise the return on these investments. Whether it is a review of your software licensing, the evaluation of a new support arrangement or a total review of the IT commercial operation, our consultants are able to assist. At Sacon Group we have expertise in the following areas of commercial management:

  • Strategic Sourcing Reviews
  • Supplier Rationalisation and Negotiation
  • Software Licensing
  • Hardware Support and Maintenance Agreements
  • Infrastructure Leasing
  • Insourcing and Outsourcing


Capacity Planning and Management

At Sacon Group we understand the importance of effective IT capacity planning and management. Whilst we recognise that capacity planning and capacity management are different disciplines we believe that when viewed as complementary practices you achieve the best outcome. Sacon Group uses a proven methodology supported by in-house developed tools to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your IT investment (ROI). Through an effective management and planning framework, Sacon will ensure that your IT capacity matches current and future business requirements in an operative and time measured manner. Sacon Group can assist in the following areas:

  • Capacity Assessments
  • Capacity Forecasting and Scenario Modelling
  • Demand Management
  • Capacity Reporting
  • Capacity Based Investment Planning


Infrastructure Consolidation

At Sacon Group we have extensive experience in formulating structured and programmatic approaches to IT consolidation. Done right, we know that the consolidation of your IT environment can bring tremendous opportunity and competitive advantage to your business. Focussed on the objectives of reduced cost, moderated risk, minimised complexity and improved service delivery, Sacon Group works with its clients to maximise the efficiency of their IT. If you are looking to understand the consolidation opportunities available to your business then our optimisation practice can assist. Sacon Group provides consolidation consultancy services in the following areas: 

  • Infrastructure Rationalisation and Virtualisation
  • Physical to Virtual Migrations
  • System Consolidation and Re-platforming
  • Physical and Virtual Decommissioning