The Sacon Group solutions practice offers flexible and innovative IT solutions strategically focused to provide your business with effective and sustainable outcomes. The practice predominantly focuses on cloud and virtualisation services and has extensive product knowledge and proven delivery practices. We implement agile solutions to provide a fast return on investment and generate maximum business benefit. Whether it is an IT problem or a strategic goal, the Sacon Group solutions practice will deliver solutions to meet your challenging business needs.



Virtualisation is a core competency of Sacon Group. We pride ourselves on being able to identify and deliver the most effective virtual and cloud solutions to our customers. At Sacon Group we can assist with all your virtualisation needs and hold the following expertise:

  • Cloud – Internal, External and Hybrid Solutions
  • Virtual Platform Solutions
  • Virtualisation Open Source Solutions
  • Virtualisation Readiness Planning and Roadmaps
  • Virtual Desktop Platform and End User Computing Solutions
  • Cost Modelling, Showback / Chargeback



With extensive experience in the delivery of enterprise integration solutions, the Sacon Group is able to advise clients on system and technology convergence. Sacon Group’s professional consultants have proficiency across the following solution areas:

  • Virtualisation and Cloud Integration
  • Infrastructure and Application Integration
  • Service Bus and Integration Fabrics
  • Automation and Orchestration



We understand the importance of maintaining the operational integrity and effectiveness of your IT systems. At Sacon, we have established a capability around the delivery of IT management solutions including the following:

  • Self Service and Management Portals
  • Service Modelling, Tracking and Reporting
  • Asset and Configuration Management
  • Capacity Planning and Management
  • Event Monitoring, Logging and Fault Resolution
  • Logical Application Blueprint Reviews